Neal Kharawala

Sooo how did this all begin? Let me take you back to a time where I was oblivious to the world of photography. One day my parents brought home a new camera, a Nikon D90. This is when my brother Ricky (RK2Productions) and I decided to mess around with taking pictures which led to a new hobby for us. 

The ability to capture a moment in time and preserve it for eternity (or however long it will last on the computer if you don't lose it or delete it) was just amazing. Click after click, picture after picture, my passion for photography grew even more. I have challenged myself to think outside the box when I take my photos. This has allowed me to capture images that are unique and worth not one hundred, not one thousand or even a million words; but rather infinite.

I want to be able to create images for you that will last a lifetime. They will be stories in and of themselves. You will look at the picture and from there the story will play out. My passion is to create everlasting stories for people. Let me freeze your precious moments of time into captivating images that will play like a movie when viewed by you or anyone else! Feel free to check out my portfolio and if you have any questions or comments, don't hesitate to contact me!